Badly humiliated by Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley strikes back!

After the elimination of his Nets, Kevin Durant violently attacked Charles Barkley, a particularly virulent consultant towards him and that of the franchise. But the mainstay of the show Inside The NBA did not let it go, and he counter-attacked with humor.

Since the sweep suffered against the Celtics, the Nets have been the target of many mockeries, and in particular Kevin Durant, the leader of this team. It must be said that if he was stratospheric all season, he is in particular the reason why Brooklyn managed to qualify for the playoffs, the n°7 was completely extinguished by the defense put in place by Ime Udoka and his players.

On this sad and expeditious series, the one who has long been designated as the best player in the world shot at 26.3 points (thanks to his 39 units during Game 4), 6.3 assists and 5.8 rebounds, all at only 38% of marksmanship, which is well below his standards. He may not have been the Nets’ No. 1 problem, but that poor form certainly didn’t help.

Charles Barkley responds to Kevin Durant attacks

But because he’s not one to shy away from responsibility, KD took to social media the day after the elimination to respond to many haters. On Instagram, for example, he allowed himself to humiliate Charles Barkley, the latter having questioned his entire career after the sweep. Chuck reacted to the attacks on the show Inside The NBA :

He put a picture of me and three old guys on social media, I don’t see the problem. Then actually, I didn’t win anything in Philadelphia with Dr. J and Moses Malone. When I was the bus driver I didn’t earn anything, like KD. In fact, the Sixers didn’t even have a driver. I was a rookie and the others were old. […] He can be called “god”. The god who sits on his sofa with the play-in champion banner.

Charles Barkley admitted without too much difficulty that he had not been a great « driver », he who retired without the slightest ring on his record. But he insisted that Kevin Durant did not shine in the role of undisputed No. 1 in a team either, and that the only « title » he managed to bring back was that of the play-in after the crushing victory over the Cavaliers a few days ago. Ouch.

Charles Barkley was not hurt by the mockery of Kevin Durant, he showed a pretty amazing perspective on this sequence. On the other hand, he did not fail to add a layer about KD by mentioning his title of champion of the play-in.

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