Badly criticized, a Knicks star responds with something never seen in history!

Evan Fournier isn’t the only New York player going through tough times, but one of his teammates may have picked up the momentum again. The interested party has indeed dropped a very big match this night against Atlanta, allowing himself to do something unheard of all-time.

Ninth in the Eastern Conference, the Knicks currently occupy a spot that would send them to the Play-In. It would already be better than last year, but the season is still long and with only 12 wins for 13 losses, Tom Thibodeau’s men are not particularly reassuring either. We think in particular of Evan Fournier who has to prepare to pack his bags, or even Julius Randle who recently got destroyed by Gotham fans.

However, the MIP 2021 has quite caught wind of the criticism against him, who was already decried last season for his questionable behavior. The least we can say is that they must have piqued his pride since in response, the interior released a real masterclass in the victory of this night against the Hawks (113-89). In total, the former Laker has accumulated no less than 34 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 successful shots:

Julius Randle makes history against the Hawks

While Trae Young was suffering a terrible backlash of karma, he who had the audacity to provoke again the public of Madison Square Garden, Randle instead focused on the game and methodically demolished the defense of the Georgia franchise. Enough to ensure valuable success for his family against a member of the Top 5 of the Eastern Conference. But above all, his statistical sheet is simply unheard of in the NBA:

Julius Randle is the first player in NBA history to sign a game with:

30 dots
15 rebounds
5 assists
5 successful three-pointers
0 bullet losses

Julius Randle responded with style to criticism of his level of play, with an XXL performance on the head of Trae Young and the Hawks. Good news for the Knicks who finally find their leader, MIP, less than two years ago.

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