Bad news in the Ben Simmons soap opera?

While the Kings have decided to withdraw from negotiations concerning Ben Simmons, the Sixers may play the watch in this soap opera. This trade should not see the light of day for a while, enough to upset the fans, who would very much like to move on.

The Sixers have been in negotiations for Ben Simmons’ departure for months, with a highly motivated Daryl Morey. His goal is clear: to find an All-Star in exchange, in order to help Joel Embiid to reach a possible title with the roster. The problem ? No exchange has taken place at this time.

Predictably, the asking price for Simmons is too high, to the point of scaring away interested franchises. This is the case, for example, of the Kings, who quite simply decided to withdraw from the talks. Despite clear strengths, Sacramento doesn’t think a deal is possible, not before the February deadline anyway.

Long wait before Ben Simmons’ trade?

For those who were hoping for an exchange in the next few days, it’s a crushing blow. With this news brought by Adrian Wojnarowski, it is unlikely to see a trade occur before February 10, date of the deadline. Worse according to the league’s most reputable insider: Morey should wait until the summer to negotiate again.

With the Kings pulling out, and the Nets not wanting to negotiate over James Harden, it’s becoming more and more likely that the Sixers will wait until the summer to start new talks for Ben Simmons. Morey is confident that better players will be available until the offseason.

Barring surprise interest in the coming weeks, Simmons should therefore stay in Philly, and not play for the season. A real bummer for everyone, but Morey doesn’t want to rush and take his time. A logical choice, while the Australian still has 4 years of contract.

Remember that the Kings are very active on the market, and want to change their roster according to several sources. They spoke with the Lakers recently, before putting a big wind to the california franchise.

For Ben Simmons, we will have to get used to the idea that a trade will not see the light of day in the coming weeks. The Kings refuse to increase their offer, while the Sixers want better players: the wait promises to be long.

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