Bad news, a Warriors star out for tonight?!

Golden State comfortably leads in its series against the Mavericks, but Steph Curry and others aren’t immune to the blows. In this case, a big name of the team could be missing in the next game. Which could change the outcome…

So far, everything is looking good for the Warriors. Dallas was not an easy opponent to take on paper, but the Californians have done an admirable job so far and have managed to win both of their home games. If they can also win the upcoming head-to-head on Texans territory, they would put themselves in prime position to advance to the NBA Finals, as no team has ever won a series after being down 3-0.

Nevertheless, Luka Doncic & co. have shown previously against the Suns that they could make up for a big delay, so vigilance remains in order against Jason Kidd’s squad. However, it could be that the Dubs have to play Game 3 diminished, because Andrew Wiggins is not sure of being able to be held. The winger was injured just before half-time in the last game, and his condition will be closely monitored by the medical staff until kick-off if necessary:

Andrew Wiggins potentially out for Game 3

Andrew Wiggins is questionable for Game 3 in Dallas with left ankle pain.

Given the great job he did on Doncic in Game 1 and the fact that he has become a real two-way player, the Maple Jordan could be sorely missed by his people on the meeting if he had to stay away from the floors. A sprained ankle is not to be taken lightly, after all… Questioned by the media, Steve Kerr therefore wanted to be reassuring, without being able to confirm the presence of his foal this evening:

I expect him to play. Technically it’s listed as questionable, but I expect it to play.

Nothing is decided yet in the case of Andrew Wiggins, and we will have to wait until the last moment before having a final update on the winger. His absence could however be detrimental to the Dubs, who benefited from his contribution in the first two games.

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