Automotive – Endurance. Another successful step for Peugeot Sport in Japan

Test after test and now race after race, Peugeot Sport is advancing with its 9X8s. This Sunday, during the 6 Hours of Fuji, the two models crossed the finish line. What’s more, number 93 (Di Resta-Vergne-Jensen) finished just off the podium (in the absence of Glickenhaus, only two Toyotas and an Alpine were present in the Hypercar) while number 94 (Rossiter-Duval-Menezes ) came 20th.

Everything is not yet perfect, but the week has still brought its share of lessons and validates the strategy of the French team, which wanted to participate in part of the 2022 automobile endurance championship in order to be run in for the next. This Japanese race brought its problems, such as leaks in the engine circuit of both vehicles.

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Toyota obviously remained in control at home, its two cars finishing 2 laps ahead of the Alpine 36, 7 laps ahead of the Peugeot 93 and 15 over the Peugeot 94. The world championship is completely relaunched since the Toyota 8 and the Alpine have exactly the same number of points overall (121) going into the final round.

A next stage which will include two additional hours of racing: the 8 Hours of Bahrain will be held on November 12. Until then, “sessions are planned to make further progress” on the Peugeot side. In endurance, you have to be patient.

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