Automotive. Bertrand Pierrat with fond memories of the Lorraine Rally

67th Lorraine Rally

This weekend, in Lunéville and Nancy

In 2018, the Lorraine rally refused him for a picky article in the regulations. This time, Bertrand Pierrat will not sulk his pleasure (a flange has been placed on the car in Germany to comply with said regulations), even if the simple fact of scanning the sky will be enough to understand that his Porsche GT3 + will not have the same performance under very humid conditions. The competition from four-wheel drive then becomes “unfair” in the figurative sense of the term. « In any case, the undergrowth will remain wet and it will be sporty », confirms a Bertrand Pierrat, however serene.

“But I don’t run after anything except my pleasure. Me, I like to be at the finish. There are guys who are excellent drivers, who drive every fortnight in the car on R5s. I do not pretend to tickle them. But hey, I’ll watch the fight ahead with relish and if they make mistakes, I’ll be there to tickle them, ”adds the gentleman driver with a touch of mischief.

If the quadruple title holder, the Vosgien William Wagner is not at the start, the Romarimontain is one of the few drivers who have already won the event along with Vauthier (2014) or Gilbert (2011).

“A little disappointed for the organizers”

For Bertrand Pierrat, the laurel wreath dates back to 2008. “It was with Isabelle (Galmiche) and that remains my best memory at Lorraine. So when Jean-René Dubois, organizer of the event, surveyed him, the Vosgien did not hesitate. “I’m a little disappointed for the organizers that there are so few cars at the start (about fifty). The Lorraine reminds me of me as a kid when I took my backpack and my bike to see the Bernard Fiorentino (2nd in 1967) and company. And then the Porsche pleases the spectators (there will be half a dozen of them). I was not in France when we talked about it with Jean-René Dubois but I gathered the whole team. »

The Romarimontain who we saw at the Sweden rally in the world, at Mouzon-Frézelle in the regional (2nd in April), and in history on the Luronne and Val-d’Ajol, will be accompanied by the experienced Belgian André Leyh. He should draw the quintessence of his Porsche on sectors like Pierre-Percée, a little less on the narrower and winding route of Saint-Stail. “That’s exactly it, there are tracks where we’re going to be fine with extensions, others much less so with small roads that the R5s will dirty moreover. The Vosges delegation will not be negligible with Quentin Gilbert, who needs no introduction and the Alpine, Alain Vauthier, the Vosgien from Velaine-en-Laye (Polo), the Traglia family (DS3), Jean-Nicolas Hot (Subaru Impreza )…

➤ The program. Saturday, departure ES1 at 10:43 a.m., expected arrival at 5:58 p.m.; Sunday, departure SS7 at 9:03 a.m., arrival of the rally at 2:38 p.m.

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