Autoart 993R: perfect and powerful restomod of a Porsche 911


Paul Stephens Autoart unveils a superb sports car dubbed “993R” based on a Porsche 911 Type 993 Carrera 2. At the request of a demanding customer, the specialist in Porsche preparations, based across the Channel, has somewhat, as the expression “made new with old” but, with brio and passion.

This Autoart 993R is one of the most successful and, perhaps, the most sensational restomod of the year, especially for enthusiasts of the brand from Zuffenhausen who will surely appreciate the work done by Paul Stephens Autoart on a Porsche 911 Type 993 Carrera 2. In terms of its design, the Autoart 993R thus retains the DNA of the original model mentioned above, while releasing what we would allow ourselves to describe as “pure power”. The same is true for another restomod project, this time French, the Legend Automobiles Turbo 3.

Indeed, this Porsche 911 993R “by Paul Stephens Autoart” only shows very few modifications for its bodywork, knowing that Autoart has equipped the German sports car with elements made of carbon fiber, in order to make it gain a few kilos: 1,220 kilos compared to 1,379 kilos for the Porsche 911 Type 993 Carrera 2.

Porsche 911 Autoart 993R restomod

Inside this Autoart 993R, there is a resolutely sporty atmosphere with, in particular, the presence of Recaro seats which again give pride of place to ultra-light materials, carbon fibre. We also note the addition of a roll bar, while all the so-called “non-essential” electronic equipment has been removed to optimize, again and again, the weight of this restomod.

Porsche 911 Autoart 993R restomod

In terms of its mechanics, the Autoart 993R has been improved at all levels with, among other things, elements from the Porsche Motorsport department such as, for example, the now active car suspension and adjustable shock absorbers. As for the braking system, it comes from a Porsche 911 Carrera RS Type 993.

Let’s come to the motorization of this powerful restomod. The 3.6 l flat-6 from the 911 Type 993 Carrera 2 (272 hp) was replaced by a 3.8 l flat-6 to get more than 330 hp (330 bhp). Note that as an option, this restomod can reach more than 360 hp (360 bhp) thanks to the passage of the switch from 7,400 to 8,500 rpm. Note that the gearbox is 6-speed and responds to the code “993 G51.21”.

Porsche 911 Autoart 993R restomod

Finally, the price of this restomod has not been communicated by Paul Stephens Autoart, the Autoart 993R can nevertheless be ordered by other customers. Attention, this is a very very limited series.


Photos: Paul Stephens Autoart


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