Author of a controversial gesture, Rudy Gobert clashes with an opponent!

Rudy Gobert made a successful return to the Jazz side this Friday evening, with an important victory. He had a big game as a bonus, although he caused a little confusion at the final buzzer. In question ? A basket in the last moments, provoking the anger of an opponent. The Frenchman, however, has nothing to be ashamed of…

Mission accomplished for Rudy Gobert and the Wolves. On the move this Friday evening at the Jazz, where the Frenchman was able to find his old home, Minnesota won with a score of 118-108. A fairly tight game, but Chris Finch’s men made the difference in the final with a 36-29 run, well helped by D’Angelo Russell and his 20 units in the fourth quarter.

Rudy Gobert makes an enemy after his basket

Happy to find his old public, Rudy wanted above all the victory and we can say that it is successful. He cracks the bonus of a good game with 22 points at 8/11 shooting, as well as 13 rebounds for the pivot. However, it created a controversy at the final buzzer. Instead of quietly waiting for the buzzer, Gobzilla came to score an easy dunk, angering Malik Beasley.

In the vast majority of matches, players decide… to do nothing, while waiting for the buzzer. Not Rudy. An attitude however largely understandable, since two seconds before, the Jazz tried to sting the ball despite the score. If the defense plays the game, the attack must do the same, and Gobert understood this perfectly. The person concerned wished to explain himself at a press conference.

“I was taught to play basketball until the last second. For me, the goal was clearly not to disrespect anyone. These guys who came in front of me, they weren’t going to do anything anyway. It kinda ruined the moment. »

Rudy Gobert does not have much to reproach himself with this basket, knowing that the Jazz wanted to do the same thing in attack on the same possession. A normal gesture for the pivot, who took the opportunity to recover two easy points, and above all the victory. The evening will remain positive.

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