Australian cricketer Great Shane Warne says the country has the right to kick Novak Djokovic out

Australian cricketer great Shane Warne is not happy with Novak Djokovic and says the country has every right to deport him. Djokovic is currently awaiting the government’s decision after getting some relief with the court allowing him to be free. Djokovic is currently in the Australian Open draw and has been training for the tournament.

Warne said that even though Djokovic was a great player, the fact that he lied on registration forms and broke Covid-19 isolation rules is reason enough for the player. Australia « throws it ».

“Novak is a great tennis player and one of the greatest of all time. Without a doubt. But he lied on registration forms, went out in public despite knowing he had covid and is now facing legal action. He has the right not to get stung but Oz has the right to throw him out! Accept? #shambles,” he tweeted.

On Thursday, Stefanos Tsitsipas also spoke openly about Djokovic’s situation. He said Djokovic was playing by his own rules and putting the Grand Slam at risk.

“Of course he played by his own rules,” Tsitsipas said in an interview with Indian broadcaster WION.

“It takes a lot of daring and (it’s) putting a Grand Slam at risk – I don’t think many players would do that. « 

Tsitsipas, who lost to Djokovic in the French Open final last year, said almost everyone at the Melbourne tournament had been vaccinated.

Others, he said, « chose to go their own way, which makes the majority feel like they’re all fools. »

Djokovic flew into Melbourne Airport on January 5 with a vaccine exemption due to an allegedly positive PCR test result on December 16.

Border officials rejected his exemption, saying recent infection was insufficient justification, tore up his visa and placed him in a detention center.

But Djokovic’s powerful legal team overturned the visa decision in court on Monday on a procedural issue related to his airport interview.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday that no decision had been made on whether to revoke Djokovic’s visa.

Even if he is allowed to stay, questions are being raised about his preparations and fitness for the grueling two-week tournament after being forced to spend four nights in the detention centre.

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