Aussillon. Nicolas Jalabert has become a sports ambassador

The city of Aussillon has appointed eleven sport ambassadors intended to be the relays of sporting values ​​in general and of the city’s actions in this context. Their number should increase thereafter in order to promote a concept of « living together » linked to sports practices, competition or the functioning of a team. Their intervention extends to all audiences, children, schools, adults, disabled sports etc. All are attached, in one way or another, to the city of Aussillon, among them, Nicolas Jalabert is a particularly famous international in cycling. Born in Mazamet, he lives in Aussillon and works as a cycle salesperson. We know him well for his 10 participations in the Tour de France, his 15 years with professionals from 1995 to 2009. At the age of 8, he took his first cycling license, it was in 1981. Today he remains passionate about sport in general and practical trail running. On the palmares side, we will note the French military champion in 1994, winner of the Breton mid-August in 1995, of the Coupe de France in 1997, of the CLM / Tour de France team in 2000, 2nd in the French professional championship in 2002. On Describes him with the qualities of a fighter, always devoted to the service of the team, serious and voluntary. Upon receipt of his credential, he declared « I am happy to be one of the sponsors of the town of Aussillon. I have always been very attached to the sporting values ​​that I hope to be able to transmit to the children ».

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