Aurélie Bresson is committed to women

We are gymnasts, footballers, rugby- and tenniswomen, swimmers. According to the Ministry of Sport, 63% of women practice a regular sports activity, compared to 69% for men. But paradoxically they receive only 4% of sports media coverage. Aurélie Bresson is an athlete and a woman of convictions. In 2016, this Franc-Comtoise created « Les Sportives », a global media dedicated to women’s sport and its particularities. On the cover of the last issue, the captain of the French football team, Wendy Renard. Among the pioneers of women’s sport, we can cite: Suzanne Lenglenn, Nadia Comanecci, Jeannie Longo, but do you know Alice Milliat?Alice Milliat was thus at the origin of the first women’s Olympic Games, at a time when women’s sports events were considered « uninteresting, unsightly and incorrect » by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of Pierre de Coubertin. It was in 1922. 100 years ago.

Josiane Bost, the rainbow in Burgundy

Josiane Bost in 1977
Josiane Bost in 1977

San Cristobal, Venezuela, September 3, 1977. The Nivernaise Josiane Bost won her title of road cycling world champion. Received with honors on the 8 p.m. set at the Elysée by President Giscard D’estaing, she recounts this epic in her biography. « The Rainbow in Burgundy ». It will be present at the Cultursport show in Toucy on September 24 and 25

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