Aulnoye / Jeanne-d’Arc: is the sports hall project still relevant?

In June 2019, José Louguet, the former director of the Institution Jeanne-d’Arc made an incredible announcement: “The establishment will soon have an ultra modern gym.” Files and plans in hand, the one who is now retired explained the smallest detail: the location, the area (1,000 m2), the number of seats … And repeated that he wanted his establishment to finally have its own gym. Because Joan of Arc counts
1,300 students, and the time slots at the city’s sports halls are not always enough. The establishment sometimes struggles to offer sports lessons to all its students. “This new hall will also make it possible to host international competitions”, released José Louguet at the time. But since then, no more news of the project.

So is it still relevant today? We contacted Richard Fétré, the school principal and asked him the question. “This project is currently asleep, it is on stand-by, he says, it is neither abandoned nor confirmed. The board of directors will decide what to do next. ” The building permit was however signed and the security plan was validated. “Basically everything is done. The plans are drawn, the project is tied up. But it gets stuck in terms of funding. Today the establishment is clearly unable to finance this sports hall on its own. ”

As a reminder, the cost of the project is over 3.5 million euros. “We should obtain at least 60% of subsidies to start the work”, adds Richard Fétré, who also questions the Covid crisis. “With the health crisis, this project was no longer really a priority. The Covid has held back a lot of things. And it should also be noted that this is a pre-Covid project. Since then the price of materials has soared. Everything must be re-studied, especially the real cost of this room, taking this increase into account. ” However, the director recalls certain objectives of this new gymnasium: “Upgrade our many sports sections (200 students) and continue our partnership with the various players such as the City, handball and basketball clubs.”

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