Audi’s « Dream Team » hurts the RS Q e-tron

The Audi Sport “Dream Team” continues its relentless development of the RS Q e-tron in the dunes and sands of Morocco, with a view to the Dakar 2022.

Audi Sport has taken a step closer to Dakar 2022 after a new series of tests in the Moroccan sands during the second week of November. Driving the new prototype RS Q e-tron 100% electric, we found again the « Dream Team » constituted by the mark with the rings with the duets Mattias Ekstrom/ Emil Bergkvist, Stephane Peterhansel/ Edouard Boulanger and Carlos Sainz/ Lucas Cruz.

A race against time

High-speed tracks, gravel roads, dune mountains, dry riverbeds: nothing has been spared at the audi prototype, in preparation for its first appearance in the most famous of Rally Raids. As part of a tight project lasting just over twelve months, the team developed the RS Q e-tron to such an extent that it can now withstand off-road distances when testing a equivalent length to that of a stage of the Dakar. However, many challenges remain to be met by January.

See you on January 2, 2022!

« The whole team focuses its energy on continuing development under the most difficult conditions », declared Arnau Niubo, responsible for test engineering. “It was impressive to see how important discoveries returned daily to Neubourg from Morocco. As a result, our three cars currently under construction for the Dakar will have the latest technical developments. At the same time, logistical preparations are in full swing. « 

the Dakar 2022 kicks off Jan. 2 in the northern Saudi Arabian city of Ha’il before heading south. The rest day will take place in the capital city of Riyadh on January 8, before the race heads southwest to end at Jeddah on January 14.

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