Audi in Formula 1, McLaren and SUVs

Audi is preparing its arrival in Formula 1, while the boss of McLaren has nothing against SUVs, but also the end of advertisements for fossil fuels, a look back at automotive news in recent days.

Guéguerre around Tonale

The life of blended families is sometimes tumultuous. Take Stellantis. On the financial side, everything is going well, on the other hand, on the brands side, some tensions have just appeared. Blame it on Dodge and its new model, the Hornet, largely inspired by Alfa Romeo’s Tonale. Too much for some Italian observers, who criticize the American manufacturer for having adopted the Tonale to get into the nails of the CO2 emissions that each brand must respect on the US market. Besides, the lack of originality displayed by this new Dodge is the price that makes Alfists cringe, $10,000 less than for the Italian. Only the employees of the Neapolitan factory of Alfa Romeo seem satisfied. The production of the two brands’ SUVs is expected to reach 80,000 each year.

AUDI takes to the track

Audi and sport, a long history. A story that never stopped at the « Formula 1 » box. Not now but soon. Audi announced last weekend its arrival in the queen discipline in 4 years, in 2026, taking advantage of future regulations concerning engines which will then have increased electrical power and 100% sustainable fuels. The brand is not embarking on the adventure alone and should join forces with the Sauber team to supply it with the powertrains. Audi’s announcement precedes that of another brand of the VW group, Porsche, future engine manufacturer of Red Bull.

McLaren hits the road

Reverse problem at McLaren. The builder already has that, but not yet. And the new British automaker’s new CEO, Michael Leiters, is a big fan of SUVs. It is he who says it. He notably worked on the development of the Porsche Cayenne and more recently on that of the Ferrari Purosangue. Hence the idea under discussion of moving from ultra-sporty cars – still the current priority of the brand – to one, or even more family models.

Stop advertising

A new initiative to fight against CO2 emissions, the end of advertising for fossil fuels. An initiative which targets more the consumer than the motorist, who are often the same, and which France is the first European country to seize. The advertisements in question essentially concern promotions for fuels at cost price, of which the large distribution groups are particularly fond. Clearly, seducing the customer with low prices at the pump while waiting to see him shopping in the store is no longer possible. Except for fuels made up of less than 50% fossil energy, which is the case with E85, which could become a star of the pub.

TEST / Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid

The fifth generation of the Kia Sportage welcomes in its bowels all possible engines, except the 100% electric. One of our sleuths launched with the plug-in hybrid version on a long-term test. 3,000 km to assess the consumption, more than very reasonable and the behavior of the machine from the highway to the small country roads, which hesitates between dynamism and comfort.

INSO / Porsche in the water

You won’t find it wandering the aisles of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Even if you look carefully, and even if there are some vague points in common with the brand. Headlights, mirrors and even there, it’s badged. And then, the engine is located at the back, even if it has nothing of a Flat 6, it is a 4.3l V6. from General Motors. You may come across this unique, unclaimed Porsche while dabbling in some American waters, the Craig Craft 168, that’s her name, has just found a buyer at auction for just under €40,000.

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