Audi and Porsche only engine manufacturers?

The two prestigious brands of the Volkswagen group are waiting for the green light from the management board to communicate on their commitment to F1.

Audi and Porsche are set to enter the Grand Prix scene in 2026, when new engine regulations are introduced, but only as engine manufacturers if the British magazine is to believe Because.

Contrary to certain echoes which were heard in December, the two manufacturers could finally engage on two fronts, in Formula 1 and in endurance, by sharing the same technologies.

These synergies would allow the VW Group to devote reasonable resources to sports programs without blowing up its budget, in order to strengthen its image as a leader in the field of hybrid vehicles and in the electrification of its ranges.

According to the British magazine, Porsche would turn to Red Bull while McLaren would be sold to Audi, the main shareholder Mumtalakat Holding Company (the sovereign wealth fund of Bahrain) having decided to sell the Woking firm whose loss amounted to 223 million sterling in 2020, forcing it to lay off 830 employees.

Audi would take over McLaren Racing, the F1 team (which would retain its identity), while McLaren Automotive, the branch that manufactures GTs and other supercars, would be coupled with Lamborghini, another brand of the group, even if it had been a question of BMW’s interest in this activity.

Another scenario is envisaged by certain sources: the outright sale of Red Bull Racing and its subsidiaries (Red Bull Technologies, Red Bull Powertrain and the Scuderia AlphaTauri) to the Volkswagen group because the big boss Dietrich Mateschitz and his right-hand man Helmut Marko will be ages 82 and 83 respectively in 2026, the right time to hand over?

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