Audi ActiveSphere Concept: future electric A6 Allroad?

After the GrandSpherethe SkySphere and theUrbanSpere, the Audi ActiveSphere is the fourth member of a series of concept cars that provide insight into Ingolstadt’s future plans. This time it’s an adventurous crossover that aims to combine sleek and stylish bodywork with unrivaled off-road capabilities.

As befits a concept car, the Audi ActiveSphere features a host of playful design details. Like the transparent parts of the bodywork at the bow and at the bottom of the doors. Or like the multifunctional rear section, which turns this crossover into a pick-up. With a stern suitable for mountain bikes, snowboards or surfboards.

Audi ActiveSphere

Audi A6 e-Tron Allroad?

Put the ActiveSphere next to theAudi A6 e-Tron Concept and you will immediately see the similarities. Swap that sloping rear end with pick-up characteristics for the classic Avant shape and you just might have the new A6 Allroad in front of you. This impression is confirmed by the dimensions of the ActiveSphere, which is 4.98 m long and 1.60 m high.

But also by the presence of both the Quattro all-wheel drive and an active suspension with variable height. You can raise the body of the Audi ActiveSphere by 40mm, giving you up to 208mm of ground clearance for climbing rocks or swimming in river water. The 22-inch tires are of course equipped with all-terrain rubber, so that the ActiveSphere does not fear mud, sand or snow.

Audi ActiveSphere Concept

PPE architecture: specifications, battery, charging and autonomy

The ActiveSphere is based on the future PPE architecture – abbreviation of Premium Platform Electric. This electric base that Audi has developed together with Porsche will soon make its debut in the Audi Q6 e-Tron and the Porsche Macan Electric, technically very close. But it will therefore also be used for the new Audi A6 e-Tron.

The Audi ActiveSphere is equipped with two electric motors that combine an output of 445 hp and a maximum combined torque of 720 Nm. These draw their energy from a 100 kWh battery pack, batteries that promise a range of more than 600km. You can do a quick recharge at 270 kW, so ten minutes is enough to recover 300 km.

Audi ActiveSphere Concept

Augmented reality via special glasses for drivers

In the cabin, Audi is moving away from conventional screens. The interior of the ActiveSphere combines mixed reality and augmented reality, digital layers that can only be experienced by wearing special glasses – Audi Dimensions, according to Ingolstadt marketing staff. In search of optimal ergonomics, you can virtually move certain controls, such as those for the air conditioning.

Of course, the Audi ActiveSphere comes with autonomous driving features. When the electric concept car moves autonomously, the steering wheel folds up and the concentrated cockpit transforms into a relaxation area. The degree of feasibility of these level 4 capabilities remains uncertain. Especially after the cancellation of the Artemis project.

Audi ActiveSphere Concept

Black, like in the Dakar

Given its black body color and its adventurous vocation, it is quite possible that Audi wanted to link the presentation of the ActiveSphere to the RS Q e-Tron with which the Germans took part in the Dakar Rally. And this link is not even far-fetched. Plus, a resounding victory always adds a bit more sparkle.

However, the Dakar Rally, which took place again this year in Saudi Arabia, did not go as planned for Audi Sport, which nevertheless set off with the status of favourite. During the first week of the rally, the three cars already lost a lot of time due to technical problems and accidents, and in the end only the Audi RS Q e-Tron of Mattias Ekström finished the race. To a disappointing 14th place moreover.

Audi RS Q e-Tron Dakar

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