attention gentlemen, it will not be so easy to scratch shots this season


It was one of the focuses to put on this first night of pre-season. This year the NBA has decided to toughen up its tone a bit with regard to certain calls, and in particular those that the most clever snipers had gotten used to picking up. We talk about the guys swinging on the defender to get throws, we talk about the feet that deliberately drag hoping for contact. Last night the beginnings of the NBA 2022 were set by a few refs, it feels weird, it makes you react, and quite frankly … it feels good.

Honestly, that had become one of the big issues in the NBA over the past few years. A shooter who feigns the shot, a defender who jumps, contact, fault, logic. A shooter who fakes the shot, a defender who does not bite the feint, but the attacker who collapses on his bodyguard to create contact and recover the throws? No way, and yet the referees could only let themselves be carried by a regulation which, until then, had pushed them to whistle this kind of contact. This will no longer be the case this season, the NBA having decided to toughen up the tone and at the same time stop the bullshit. The first to pay the price tonight? Mr. Stephen Curry himself, like that everyone agrees. Nassir Little who sticks to the train, ok he jumps but contact is created with the defender well anchored on his supports … and there it is the drama, no whistle and it’s a whole world (and six to eight points per game according to the client) which collapses.

It will therefore be necessary to get used to it, and some have not been slow to react on the networks, in particular our national Vavane Fournier, who must therefore already think about new ways to get points in soum-soum.

The game will likely come out grown, although habits die hard and many players will likely need a little adjustment period. We are not going to complain about it because the more refined the game will be and the scratchers will be less visible, we are talking to you Messrs Doncic, Harden or Trae Young, initiators of a new fashion which had spread a little too quickly these last years.

The refs have also made their comeback by bringing in their bags the new directives of the League. It should bitch very hard for a few weeks but everyone will get used to it, we ended up getting used to the defense of the Pelicans so anything is possible.


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