ATP, WTA> Bartoli: « We have to go“ behind the team ”, as Formula 1 does with its series on Netflix »

Second excerpt from the interview given to us by Marion Bartoli for issue 79 of We Love Tennis Magazine, which you can consult for free in digital version.

After explaining the pious intentions of Novak Djokovic to us, Marion returns to the media and visual treatment of tennis which, according to her, must quickly change in order to enhance the incredible performance of the athletes as much as possible.

For the Frenchwoman, tennis is not treated as it should to remain attractive.

« Tennis deserves a different, more modern, more immersive media coverage. Today, with all the technological means at our disposal, we can go much further than simply offering a match with commentary. Everything is possible. We could have the speed of a sprint instantly, the speed of rotation of Rafael Nadal’s ball on a banana forehand, etc. We have to make a little revolution, better explain how Zverev and Medvedev manage to achieve a rally of 24 punches with such intensity. We have to go “behind the team”, as Formula 1 does with its series on Netflix [Formula 1 : Pilotes de leur destin, ndlr]. It was a real boost in understanding that it’s not just the Grand Prix, but a lot of things around it. It’s the same to a certain extent for tennis ”

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