ATM Media and Pixellot join forces to « revolutionize » automated production and distribution in Spanish sport.

PARIS, May 3. (Benin News) –

Spanish company ATM Media has signed an alliance with Pixellot, a multinational specializing in artificial intelligence technologies, to try to revolutionize the production and automated broadcasting of sports events in Spain and Latin America, the company based in Barcelona in a statement.

By developing its own algorithms that allow it to adapt Pixellot’s technology, ATM Media offers tailor-made automated broadcasting services for 16 different sports disciplines. The improvement of the algorithm and its adaptation to water polo is the last stage of a work that already makes it possible to produce and broadcast events and competitions in football, basketball, indoor football, hockey and volleyball, among others.

These services are based on the installation of automated cameras that capture and record what is happening in different parts of the field or the sports facility and, using artificial intelligence, « assemble » them to provide an integrated image and sound. ambient. The audiovisual content is produced by adding the data or the specificities of the match or the sports discipline, graphics and even the voice of the announcers, if necessary. In addition, an OTT platform is offered, from which content can be accessed in high quality.

This automated production and dissemination represents a revolution in the possibilities of development, visibility, business generation and the creation of communities for federated, popular, amateur and adapted Spanish sport, which represents 98% of the competitions and events played in Spain. Spain.

The alliance between ATM Media and Pixellot provides this large group of clubs, schools and entities with technology already used by FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid CF, Real Sociedad and Real Betis Balompié, adapted to each discipline. thanks to an algorithm that integrates the variables and characteristics of each sport.

“It is fundamental for us to go hand in hand with Pixellot, a world leader in this technology. We have a very clear vision of what we can contribute. The added value of our services allows us to advance towards the democratization of audiovisual content in Spanish sport and, at the same time, contributes to the technification of sport and the promotion of sport and the generation and sense of community around this one,” commented Jordi Roquer, CEO of ATM Media.

Alon Weber, CEO of Pixellot, said he was « delighted » to expand and have a greater presence in Spain through the alliance with ATM Media. Mr. Weber also spoke about bringing value to Spanish sport and stressed that the aim is to help it « develop by providing clubs and federations with high quality content and technical analysis tools. and data”. This way they can help their training and base teams reach their potential. “ATM Media is a strategic partner, as it actively contributes to the development of the technology that we bring to sports around the world,” he added.

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