Athletics could leave Auckland due to blocked plans

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The team said Tuesday that the Major League Baseball captains gave the green light for Oakland Athletics to move the team to another city after being frustrated by the delay at the proposed new stadium.

Athletics chief Dave Kaval said in a statement the team had gained approval to investigate the entire squad transfer as they continued to seek final approval for a new stadium in Auckland.

The track team hopes to build a new billion dollar stadium on Auckland’s waterfront as part of the mixed-use development that will also include 3,000 affordable housing units as well as office and commercial space.

However, the project got bogged down in delays, as local authorities refused the $ 855 million in public funds needed to complete the development.

“Today Major League Baseball asked the A’s to start exploring other markets as we continue with the Auckland Waterfront Stadium project,” Cavall said in a statement.

“This is not an easy direction to hear for our fans… After four years in business, MLB is interested in the rate of progress with local officials and other stakeholders in our new endeavors.

“It’s time to make a decision about our future, and it’s not clear to us and the MLB if there is a path to success in Auckland.”

If athletics takes out Oakland, you’ll leave the Northern California city without a great professional sports team.

In recent years, the Oakland Raiders NFL has moved to Las Vegas while the Golden State Warriors NBA franchise has moved to a new stadium across the bay on the San Francisco waterfront.

She currently plays at the 55-year-old Oakland Coliseum and has a lease on the venue that runs until the 2024 season.

However, the aging arena is increasingly seen as outdated for professional sports, a view shared by Major League Baseball.

“The Oakland Coliseum is not a viable option for the future vision of baseball,” Major League Baseball said in a statement Tuesday.

“We asked athletics to start exploring other markets while continuing to build a waterside football stadium in Auckland.

“Athletics needs a new football stadium to stay competitive, so it’s in our interest now to look at other markets as well.”

Las Vegas is widely seen as the most likely option if athletics leaves California, although the team have also researched other locations in Northern California, including San Jose and Fremont.

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