At war with Nike, Kawhi’s controversial gesture at media day!

Kawhi Leonard was finally back in front of the media after more than a year away, and he took the opportunity to get noticed. In addition to his communicative and refreshing good humor, he also distinguished himself with a controversial gesture towards Nike, the league’s official equipment supplier!

This season could well be that of Kawhi Leonard, finally recovered from his torn cruciate ligaments. Indeed, for several weeks, the double MVP of the Finals has worried fans of all the other franchises. because of his monstrous physique, and it’s very hard to imagine a defender who will be able to stop him if he gets back to his best level. To make matters worse, he also seems to be in a wonderful state of mind.

Kawhi Leonard gives a layer against Nike

After more than a year of absence, this media day was an opportunity for him to officially reconnect with the NBA microcosm, to reassure him about his state of form, but also to send a big message to his enemy No. 1: Nike. He and the OEM are in a dispute over a business deal gone wrong, and The Klaw has found a very clever way to vent his grudge.

The brother scratched the Nike logo to remove it from his jersey 💀💀💀

Kawhi Leonard refuses to be seen with a Nike product on his shoulders, so he decided to scratch the logo from his jersey, so that it does not appear on any official Clippers photos! A daring decision that may not please Adam Silver and the other great leaders, since the league and the comma brand maintain one of the most lucrative partnerships in the world of sport. But why this controversial gesture?

A few years ago, when the player left Nike to join Under Armour, he tried to recover his logo to maintain a certain brand image and not start from scratch. Nike obviously refused to give in to him, he decided to go to trial to win his case, but the judge did not consider his request valid. More than two years later, the decision still does not pass at Kawhi.

Kawhi Leonard does not forget this logo story, and failing to recover his, he decided to remove the Nike one from his jersey. It remains to be seen if he will continue the initiative on the regular season, and if the league will sanction for this provocative gesture.

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