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Oh, she didn’t have an indisputable star from the pre-selection, and above all she was a little more vague than others, but she is developing quite a bit, this 2020 draft, for people in third year.
Edwards is the leading scorer on a team featuring Towns, not the last to score.
Ball already has an All-Star Game selection and is likely to get a second one (though his defense is sometimes scary).
Haliburton is becoming a very, very good player and has a chance of being at ASG this year.
Basne is a No. 2 starter in the Western Conference. Maxey starts with a title contender who has Harden playing in the same position. There are several players who play a lot but rather in teams at the bottom of the ranking.
Overall, the numbers for minutes played and points scored are pretty good, but it’s sometimes a little inflated by the fact that the guys have rookie contracts (just look at Pritchard whose number of minutes keeps decreasing) .
We have to wait a bit to see the evolution of the players, but it can make for a completely correct draft in the end, ahead of the 2015 or the 2010 for example (but rather on the 2013 model, where the majority of the best players were selected after the top 10).

Otherwise, Green has a player option, but if he wants a last big and long contract, he must indeed sign better elsewhere this summer. Except that I do not see a club other than the Warriors signing him a big and long contract, personally, and I think he would earn more by activating his option before signing an extension at a discount with the Warriors. In short, in itself, despite the phenomenal luxury tax of the Goldens, I think that the two would have plenty of ways to find common ground if they wanted to.

On the other hand, I don’t really understand why you are talking about the role of pick 2 in the possible departure of Green, I feel like I missed some info. Because of the amount of the contract for a rookie drafted in 2? Because otherwise I have the impression that Green is quite protective of Wiseman (in a bit tough love mode, of course).

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