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For the careers of the draftees, a forumer had some time ago made stats over 10 years showing that overall the draftees of round 1 had a correct career in the NBA (more complicated for round 2, but, more than a clear break between rounds 1 and 2, it’s quite progressive):

The limitation of the study was that it did not analyze the minutes but the matches played and the contracts, but even if someone only plays five minutes per match, that he plays shows that he has his place in the group and that he can show his talents in training.
In a similar but slightly different case, we can think of Théo Maledon, first replacing the Hornets once his two guaranteed contracts ended, sent to the G-League and who ended the season as a starter in the NBA.

We can also note that a franchise can « draft & stash », especially abroad, a player drafted in the first round. It’s rare but it happens, as shown by the examples of Livio Jean-Charles and Nikola Milutinov.


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