At the Paris Motor Show, charging stations are also innovating

As you are surely aware, the Paris Motor Show, which takes place from October 17 to 23, is not just a car show. This event concerns mobility in the broad sense of the term, even if the car still occupies an important place.

The electric car now occupies a non-negligible place in the global automotive landscape, and almost all new vehicles are now electrified. To power these electric cars, you need charging stations, and some manufacturers are currently present at the French show to present their latest innovations.

Novelties galore

This is the case of the Italian company Silla Industries, the manufacturer of the Prism charger, which is exhibiting several new features. The Padova company, founded by Alberto Stecca and Cristiano Griletti, presents a new charging station called Prism Plus, an infrastructure equipped with an Internet connection to charge the vehicle even in « Night » mode and to manage the station even remotely .

Prism Terminal Silla Industries

The Prism charging station by Silla Industries

At the same time, Silla Industries presents the Wallegg, a single-phase charging station, equipped with a plug and intended for the b2b market. There’s also the Energy Hub 149, a unique home automation system for managing home energy and communications and charging.

The terminal of tomorrow presented in Paris

The Italian company is also presenting a new terminal that should cause a stir: the Duke 44 (presented in the cover photo). This new infrastructure introduces direct current charging at 44 kW by integrating bidirectional charging into the market.

It is, for the moment, a prototype, but Silla Industries specifies that this terminal offers fast and efficient charging times, but also anticipates the bidirectionality of the DC charge to use the V2H functionalities (vehicle to home) , V2G (vehicle to grid) and V2V (vehicle to vehicle). In these times of energy crisis, here is a rather practical feature!

The Duke 44 is also able to switch the energy from the car system to the house system, network and other vehicle, also thanks to the double connector of 22 kW in direct current. The company specifies that this terminal is particularly suitable for installation in commercial businesses (gyms, supermarkets, etc.) and, more generally, all environments in which the motorist stops for short periods.

“We are very proud of the innovation of our R&D team with these new products intended to introduce new opportunities for the sector, with bidirectionality in DC”says Alberto Stecca, CEO of Silla Industries.

Duke 44 Silla Industries

« The result of fruitful research and development, the solutions that we will be presenting at the Mondial anticipate trends and hybridize charging with intelligent energy management, remaining perfectly faithful to the future-proof philosophy that sets everyone apart. of our products. We are ambitious: internationalization has always played an important role in our pipeline. We therefore welcome with responsibility and pride the opportunity, made possible even by SIMEST, to expose the value of our new projects totally Made in Italy to support the mobility of tomorrow »

And to fully stick to this spirit of respect for the environment, the Silla Industries teams have chosen to reach the Porte de Versailles, in Paris, where the Paris Motor Show takes place, by train and not by plane.

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