At the foot of the wall, Shareef O’Neal sends a cash message!

As he finds himself in a difficult situation again, Shareef O’Neal made a point of sending a clear message on his social networks. We are now awaiting the continuation of events, with the fastest possible start …

Transferred from UCLA to LSU, his illustrious father’s college, Shareef O’Neal was unable to take part in the Tigers’ start to the season when he was particularly expected. Fans quickly wondered why, and “Reef” replied on Twitter:

Twittos: « Question: Why don’t you play? « 

O’Neal: « My fracture is still in remission »

Injured, Shareef O’Neal throws a message that speaks volumes

It is therefore indeed an injury that prevents Shareef from starting his 3rd season in the NCAA, he has already seen his freshman and sophomore campaigns be impacted by several injuries. But to those who doubt, the offspring of the Shaq wanted to send a clear message via his social networks – the proof below:

Giving up is not in my vocabulary… I will fight until I can no longer. Relapses are over.

Undermined by injuries and obviously by his heart operation 3 years ago, the eldest of the Big Cactus was not spared, it is a certainty. However, Shareef keeps his head held high in the face of the trials and remains convinced that this year will be the year of his explosion under the colors of LSU.

Despite the hardships, Shareef O’Neal’s morale does not drop a millimeter, and that is to his credit. It remains to wish him the best possible success when he can finally set foot on the NCAA floors. The Shaq’s son deserves it.

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