At the bottom of the hole, Russell Westbrook taken to task in the middle of a match!

The Lakers have just chained a second consecutive defeat this Thursdayand Russell Westbrook will be held responsible by many fans because of his terrible lack of address. Moreover, during the meeting, he was seriously targeted by the Arena!

Fans probably expected it given the schedule, but the Lakers have just started the season with a second straight loss, this time against the Clippers. If the result is less salty than in the opening match against the Warriors (103-97) and Darvin Ham’s men showed some encouraging signs, other aspects remain worrying.

Already, and it is now a habit, Anthony Davis scared himself because of a terrible fall. Hit in the air by a Kawhi Leonard physically terrifying, the interior had a bad fall and he was forced to join the locker room to treat his back. As so often in his career, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Russell Westbrook mocked by the Arena!

And as too often in recent months, when something goes wrong in Los Angeles, it’s on Russell Westbrook let the fans fall. Author of a more than complicated performance with 2 points at 0/11 shooting, the point guard has already been targeted by Arena fans. If the relationship between the two camps does not improve, the season will be long!

Russell Westbrook just took a 3-point shot from the corner and a BIG chunk of Lakers fans just yelled “Nooooooo! »

Basketball is often about trust, and Lakers fans do nothing to help Russell Westbrook regain his. Yes he was clumsy all evening, like his team, but how can we hope for an improvement when several thousand people are indignant when he takes a shot? If the Purple and Gold fans all seem unanimous in this situation, those of the other franchises do not understand:

How do you expect Russell Westbrook to be himself? It’s disgusting

If Russell Westbrook was clumsy and disappointing against the Clippers, it should be noted that Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn were not better with 1/7 and 0/7 shooting. The problem may be with the system more than the players.

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