« At Narbonne Volleyball thanks to Guillermo Falasca »

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The 1m94 Spanish receiver-attacker, Jordi Ramon (23), arrived at Narbonne Volley in the offseason from WWK Volleys Herrsching in Germany. Her father, Alfonso, coached the ladies in Soller, Spain, at CVS Energia Soller. His two sisters, Magdalena (Nena) and Margalida, also played volleyball. Jordi Ramon comes from a family passionate about volleyball.

How did you start in volleyball?

Thanks to my sister Magdalena (Nena). His club needed a new player in the team, so I took a chance. And it worked, I tried and I liked playing. I was 12… It was in our little village of Soller in the northwest of the island of Majorca. Before that, I had tried football and tennis but preferred volleyball.

Your career was launched…

After Soller, I played at Urbia Volley Palma, at Pamesa Teruel Voleibol, then I went to play for a year in Germany, at WWK Volleys Herrsching, before landing in Narbonne only a week ago, because I played with the Spain national team.

Was your experience in Germany satisfactory?

Yes, the level was good, better than in Spain. It enriched me a lot. I really enjoyed living and playing there. I was very happy with this first experience outside Spain. In addition, the team was playing very well.

How did you get to Narbonne?

I know Centurions coach Guillermo Falasca (Hispano-Argentinian, Editor’s note), so it’s thanks to him that I’m at Narbonne Volley. It’s a very nice club for me and a very nice place. As I arrived last week in Aude, I discover a bit of everything at the same time, the club, my teammates, the city, the region…

Did you know Narbonne a little?

Absolutely not. I did not know the South of France, even France in general. Very young, I simply came to Paris to go to Disneyland, that’s all I had visited in France so far. There, in Narbonne, I am installed in the city center in an apartment.

Your goals with the Centurions?

Narbonne Volley has a very good quality group. I want us to go as far as possible in all the competitions in which we participate. I just want us to reach the best positions.

Yesterday, in a warm-up match, the Centurions lost 3-0 on the floor of Spacer’s in Toulouse.

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