At Ferrari, 2nd place in the championship divides

After two very complicated years both internally and on the track, Ferrari managed to smile again in 2022. This time, the Maranello teams managed to design a more competitive car. We even believed for a time that the Scuderia and Charles Leclerc were going to be able to get involved in the fight for the title.

Finally the campaign was more difficult than expected for the Reds who suffered the blow against Red Bull and its frantic pace of development throughout the year. Thus, Ferrari gradually lost ground on the Austrians and was especially caught up by Mercedes in the last rounds, thus ending the season at a 2e somewhat bitter if we are to believe some transalpine pundits.

 » I already said it in the last trimester, I’m not satisfied with the 2e championship place because the second is the first of the loserssaid Benedetto Vigna, managing director of Ferrari, in an interview with CNBC. We have made progress and I am very happy about it. I’m unhappy with second place but I think the team has what it takes to improve over time. »

Changes to come at Ferrari?

Benedetto Vigna’s words are far from trivial. Indeed because if the progress made by the Reds given their level in 2020 and 2021 are recognized, internally the trend would be to restructure the organization chart. The first person concerned is none other than team principal Mattia Binotto.

For the past few weeks, the Italian has been announced further than close to Maranello in 2023 by various media, including AUTOhebdo. The transalpine press even mentioned a  » immediate resignation » of the main interested party who would lead discussions with negotiations with his superiors to find common ground (probably for compensation) between the two camps.

Mattia Binotto John Elkann Ferrari

Does John Elkann really trust Mattia Binotto? ©DPPI/F. Gooden

In the event of the departure of Mattia Binotto, whose relations with the big boss of Maranello John Elkann would have cooled considerably despite the latter’s repeated confidence, Ferrari could call on Frédéric Vasseur, who currently occupies the same position at Alfa Romeo-Sauber. . The Turin daily La Stampa even mentioned the possibility of a return of Ross Brawn, current technical director of F1 and former technical boss of the Italian team during the glorious Schumacher years. For the moment, the new organization of the Scuderia is not known but one thing is almost certain, Mattia Binotto should not appear there.

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