At 171 km / h driving a Porsche, having consumed cannabis and with a probationary license: a thirty-year-old convicted

The 30-year-old presents himself at the helm in his best light. New shoes, well-ironed shirt, a contrite air… « I really want to apologize, » he told the court. He also recognizes without difficulty the two traffic offenses with which he is accused: excessive speeding and driving while having used cannabis. Both in November 2021 at Lamaids.

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At 171 km/h with a probationary license

On this road limited to 110 km / h, driving a Porsche belonging to his employer, he was then checked at 171 km / h (speed retained 162). This even though he held a probationary license. “I’m used to driving a car that has 70 horsepower. This one has, I think, 480. I wasn’t used to such power. He claims to have realized his speed too late.

Arrested by the gendarmes, he then spontaneously admitted having consumed cannabis, in a festive setting, two days earlier. Unsurprisingly, the saliva test came back positive.

“I had smoked a joint for a birthday party. I had not driven the next day. I thought it would be good after. »

the accused

The president underlines: “Cannabis remains for many days after… But that, we must have already told you since you were convicted in 2012 for driving while having used narcotics. You also had a rather intimate relationship with narcotics, let’s say… ”The defendant having in particular been sentenced to a prison term for trafficking in 2013.

“Very big mistakes of youth”, supports the thirty-year-old who presents himself with eight convictions on his criminal record but also with a stable professional and personal situation since his release from detention.

Repeated excessive speeding

« The defendant was sentenced in May 2021 for excessive speeding, and a few months later, he did it again, » insists the public prosecutor.

“There are favorable elements in terms of integration, it’s true, but there is also this past. »

the prosecutor

90 day-fines of 10 euros were therefore required, as well as a cancellation of the license and the obligation to carry out a road safety awareness course. Requisitions followed, except for the internship, by the court.

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Laura Morel

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