Astros turn to find crowds in Oakland troublesome


As you know, the situation in Oakland is getting more and more awkward. After all, the A’s are unable to attract fans to the stadium.

We don’t blame them since the club not only sucks on the field, but the A’s are also open about their plans to move to Las Vegas.

We know very well, at the moment, that the A’s are a laughing stock across MLB. And that, the Astros were not afraid to point out on Twitter.

In a 10-1 win for the defending champions, the Houston squad’s Twitter account posted a video of the squad’s 10th point, but…

She added a little something unnecessary about the crowd in Oakland, which was officially 8,809 yesterday.

Basically, the Houston Astros scored they had reached ten points in front of dozens of fans.

And it didn’t go down well with a lot of people.

Comments about trash then surfaced and we saw stats on the number of fans in Houston when the club was rebuilding. It wasn’t always chic.

Obviously, right now it’s easy to hit a club that’s down. But if one day the Vegas A’s get good and Houston rebuilds… watch out for the comeback.

Because the Astros’ division rivals may not forget.

I’m not sure MLB liked seeing that. After all, we know it’s a hot potato for ROb Manfred and his deputies.

Seeing the Astros add more was not necessary, therefore.


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