Astros: offering insulting offers to Carlos Correa is not the way to choose

In 2015, when David Price finished the season in Toronto, he was open to continuing the adventure with the Blue Jays, but not at all costs. He wanted to be paid.

He ultimately chose the Red Sox (seven-year, $ 210 million) offer at a significant price. He did not sign in Toronto as the Queen City club did not make an offer to the pitcher.

Why? Because the fresh off Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins knew they couldn’t even come close to the Sox amount. They therefore did not want to insult the pitcher by offering him a derisory amount.

That’s what brings us to the 2021 Astros with Carlos Correa. The latter, as reported this morning by my colleague JF Rivard, chose to go with the option of insulting him with a small offer.

After being offered six years and $ 120 million as well as five years and $ 125 million before the start of the season, the one who didn’t want to negotiate along the way saw the Astros drop him a five-year offer at 160. M $, or $ 32 M per year.

But since he wants to earn money like Francisco Lindor ($ 341 million over 10 years), we are far from the mark.

Will he sign for such an amount? I do not know. But what I do know is that he is going to get a lot more than $ 160 million and that there he is insulted by the Astros.

The difference between him and the others is his age. At 27, Correa is still young and he now wants to capitalize on his good years.

Signing a five or six year contract with Houston would put him in a no man’s land at about 32 years old. He wouldn’t be able to sign a monster contract like he’s lucky now.

Such an offer may cause Correa to feel the Astros have got it wrong and negotiations will come to an end.

The shortstop player will therefore receive a qualifying offer and will be able to start negotiating with the other teams from tomorrow. The Astros therefore missed their shot at the last moment when they had exclusivity on its negotiating rights.

So no, it might not have been a good idea to insult him. Meanwhile, the Tigers are just waiting to talk to him …

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