Astros interested in Andrew Benintendi

Andrew Benintendi had a positive impact when he joined the Yankees. He has stability in the outfield and he helped bring Aaron Judge back down the right.

His injury, which caused him to miss the playoffs, hurt the club.

We do not know, at this time, if he wants to return to play with the Yankees. Rumors to this effect are not necessarily good in favor of the Bombardiers.

And that’s normal: after all, the left-handed hitter, even if he is not powerful, has an interesting profile.

We know that several formations are in the race. From the lot? The Mariners, a club openly looking for a little help from the left.

And you also have to add the Astros.

The plan in Houston is to give Yordan Alvarez playing time on the left on a more regular basis if the club doesn’t have to sign a big left fielder.

But let’s face it: with a guy like Benintendi on the left and Alvarez as the striker of choice, the line-up would be effective and scary.

Very scary, even.

I don’t know if Benintendi will be tempted to leave the Yankees. And if so, will it be to go to a smaller market (he experienced that in Kansas City) or to return to a club with equivalent prominence to the Yankees or Red Sox?

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