ASSC football takes stock of a successful sports season


Friday, June 23, the ASSC football was in general assembly, where players, parent educators and supporters were invited. A minute of silence was observed following the disappearance of Luc Huber ex-president, Guy Ferrera, educator of the U14s, and the English president of the Stilton-Saint-Christol-lez-Alès twinning committee. The club had welcomed him during his last visit to the Cévennes.

Christian Barbusse, president, presented the club as a whole with its 246 licensees and its fifteen teams involved in the various official championships. All age categories from U6 to veterans are represented and all sports and extra-sports activities organized by the club during this season have been recalled. This report was adopted unanimously.

The educators in turn presented the sports report of each team with very good results for the football school and a very successful second successive season for the seniors who finished on the podium again, 2nd behind the untouchable Bagnols team. -sur-Ceze. The financial report is slightly down on previous seasons, festivities having been somewhat forgotten by some club licensees.

Non-sporting activities a little less followed

Families and parents of players participate less in the various activities offered. The association has a life off the pitch. The volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the balance of the club. They allow many children to fulfill their commitment to football. These minutes were approved unanimously.

The new office with Christian Barbusse as president was set up the next day. To note, the arrival in reinforcement of new educators for the youth teams as well as for the seniors. Jean-Pierre Roux, sports assistant, and André Julien, president of the WHO closed the evening by saluting the work done throughout the season by educators and volunteers.


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