Assaulted during a football match in the Orne, the referee files a complaint

« I felt from the start that the mood was tense« confides the young 20-year-old referee who does not want his identity to be revealed. »The goalkeeper of AS Courteille who arrives late, players who talk to me« . The course of the match switches to the 70th minute. The referee takes a decision that is not to the liking of some Alençon players, and he hears his mother, present on the edge of the field, being insulted. « I intervened and I in turn was insulted. So I pushed the player who fell to the ground« he admits. And things get worse. He finds himself surrounded and receives several blows to the face. « My glasses flew and I didn’t see precisely who was hitting me« .

« If I find you, I’ll bleed you »

The meeting is stopped and the young referee hurriedly leaves the scene under the insults. « I heard someone tell me: if I find you, I bleed you« . Direction the police station of Alençon where he files a complaint. He returned there on Monday to have a hematoma on his left cheekbone.

The Orne football district takes the matter very seriously. « The procedure is underway, indicates Sébastien Gourdel, its president. It is about establishing the facts with precision.« The disciplinary committee could decide on possible sanctions next week.

Since the events, the young referee has received tremendous support from many Orne football clubs. « It is heartwarming« He confides. And he ensures that next weekend, he will be on the field again to referee. »It is not because there is a match where it went badly that I will let myself be defeated, on the contrary I will prove that I am still there and that will not prevent me from refereeing ”.

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