“As soon as LeBron does that, the GOAT debate will be officially over”

A confirmed candidate for GOAT status for years, LeBron James has always seen competition from Michael Jordan harming him. But for a former member of the league, his consecration in the all-time hierarchy will not be long in coming!

Will this discussion ever come to an end? It seemed unlikely. Despite this, fans and observers continue to rant about the NBA’s GOAT. Several camps and opinions stand out, even if this dispute has mainly been close for a few years to a duel between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. And in this little game, the leader of the Lakers would be about to score very big points.

Kareem’s record, direct access to the GOAT for LeBron?

After equaling Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by obtaining his 19th All-Star cap, LeBron is about to surpass him in the ranking of all-time leading scorers. An incredible feat for the one who now ranks as the 4th best all-time passer, and who made Chandler Parsons react. Already rave about the King recentlythe former Rockets gave the cover with even stronger words:

These feats are both incredible, and I have to throw flowers at LeBron for that. But the most impressive thing in my opinion, is still the points. To be able to say that you have the highest total of points in NBA history is nonsense. And I really think as soon as he grabs that record, the GOAT debate will be officially over, and he’ll be crowned.

The things he manages to do, it illustrates well the longevity of his career, and all his efforts and the time invested to maintain his body and to be able to maintain himself at this level. Honestly the most amazing thing about him is what he’s been doing this season. Like I said before, if the Lakers won more, he would be my MVP. I love Michael Jordan, he rocked my childhood, but I have to give LeBron GOAT status after that.

Certainly more often victorious, and perhaps more dominant during his career, Jordan did not however know how to stay at the top as long as LeBron. And if some do not consider this as a sufficient argument to give the advantage to LBJ, Parsons makes it one of the reasons for this symbolic coronation as the best player in history. All that’s left for the King to do is score 89 points to make this dream come true!

Often preceded by Michael Jordan in the historical rankings, LeBron James can at least be satisfied with stealing his throne from him in the mind of Chandler Parsons. This, perhaps while waiting to do so in public opinion sooner or later!

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