As Robert Sarver always has a say in transfers, it blocks in Phoenix

Why Jae Crowder hasn’t he been transferred to Phoenix yet? While the winger and the Suns have decided it’s best for everyone that he stays out of the squad pending a trade, the former Celtics, Grizzlies and Heat player is still waiting to hear. his next destination.

It is that Phoenix, despite its current difficulties, does not want to sell off its player, who averaged 9.4 points and 5.3 rebounds last season, and who has often been valuable in a leaky position 4 role.

The Suns thus want to recover one or more players capable of bringing in the short term (Grayson Allen at the Bucks, Max Strus at the Heat, Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt at the Jazz…) and it is not easy to set up such exchanges too early, compared to the « trade deadline » of February 9.

Especially since ESPN adds a new element that complicates things: Robert Sarver.

A complex situation

The owner of the club was suspended by the NBA following his sexist and racist behavior at the head of the franchise, and he has just sold the Suns (but also the Mercury in the WNBA) to Matt Ishbia. Except that the agreement is not yet effective, and that Robert Sarver still has the last word on the financial management of the team.

Even if he no longer has the right to intervene in the daily management of Phoenix, or even contact the leaders of the Suns, Robert Sarver always pays the bills and he therefore still has a say in certain subjects.

The most annoying thing in sporting terms is therefore that Robert Sarver must validate any exchange that would inflate the club’s « luxury tax », and therefore its bill at the end of the chain. He thus has the power to validate or block any transfer involving a player whose salary exceeds the “average salary”, i.e. more than 10.8 million dollars.

Sam Garvin, the current executive director, can therefore potentially transfer Jae Crowder without consulting Robert Sarver, if he manages not to touch the « luxury tax », or even to lower it. But in fact, there are quite a few options where he should always get the (always) owner’s approval. Which further complicates the situation.

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Devin Booker2934.547.737.
Deandre Ayton3429.160.536.873.
Mikal Bridges3836.146.239.889.
Cameron Johnson825.344.643.
Chris Paul2431.541.538.
Cameron Payne2724.541.638.477.
Landry Shamet2619.839.438.691.
Damion Lee3821.847.249.392.
Torrey Craig3524.947.339.
Duane Washington, Jr.2111.140.132.950.
Jock Landale3214.251.420.581.
Josh Okogie3311.640.724.
Ish Wainright2114.338.639.
Bismack Biyombo3013.757.
Dario Saric2010.633.831.385.

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