A’s are closing in on Vegas, but other cities are in the running

Based on the growing interest in the Oakland Athletics franchise, baseball is healthy.

According to club president Dave Kaval, representatives from six cities have reached out to him to discuss the possibilities of attracting A’s to their homes. This frenzy is caused by the possibility of the team moving out due to a possible failure of the project to build a new stadium in Oakland.

Already next week, Kaval will participate in a visit organized by people interested in receiving the team in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the arrival of the Golden Knights (NHL) and the move of the Raiders (NFL), professional sport is making an enviable place in the capital of the game. The transfer of the Athletics would complete a shock trio by confirming all the wealth of this city of more than 2.5 million inhabitants.

Kaval did not want to name the identity of the other cities that showed interest, but the authorities in major league had let circulate some names of cities that had the potential to host an existing team or be part of a expansion project and Montreal is part of the lot.

Portland (Oregon), Charlotte (North Carolina), Nashville (Tennessee) and Vancouver (British Columbia) are the other cities whose names have been evoked by the great bonzes of baseball.

Logically, and in order not to unbalance the opposing forces due to the geographic reality, the A’s should stay in the west of the continent if not in Oakland itself. So Vegas, Portland and Vancouver would logically benefit from this situation.

And Montreal?

Regarding Montreal, given that the group that wants to bring the Expos back to the city is already involved in a shared custody project with the Tampa Bay Rays, it is logical to think that the chances of seeing the A’s landing in the metropolis one day are very very thin.

Discussions for the construction of a new stadium in the Peel Basin area are continuing and although government funding does not seem to be unanimous among taxpayers, group representatives remain confident.

As for Rays owner Stuart Sternberg, he is cleverly using the situation to put pressure on the city of St. Petersburg to in turn help build a more modern and adequate stadium. the needs of his team.

Regarding the A’s, their contractual relationship in the form of a lease with the owners of the Coliseum (their home since 1968) ends in 2024. Time is running out in Oakland and the subject of revitalizing a sector of the city, including a new stadium, will return to the municipal council table this summer.

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