Art, wine and sport at Château la Bastide

Placed under the sign of the sun, the wine estate dear to the Gao family has, for two days, shone with a thousand lights.

Two days particularly rich in discoveries and various marriages around wine that goes without saying, within the framework of Arte Vinum, the first of the name by associating art and wine through an « ephemeral » beautiful exhibition, and according to the definition of Alban Pedrola known and recognized local painter : «  An exhibition in fireworks on the gates of the castle where figurative and narrative abstraction mingle with the omnipresent human being in the background in the historical and emotional facets, but also interior and philosophical « .


A dive into the past of the history of the Château la Bastide in a few giant portraits developed by Gaël Gao, a young painter full of great promises. Portraits taken from old photos and postcards, just like the present time in declined portraits, in order to pay tribute to the employees of the field fully invested and passionate about their work. It is in the presence of artists, elected officials, Michel Cazeneuve representing the town hall of Escales, Valérie Dumontet vice-president of the Department, Sébastien Gasparini departmental advisor, André Hernandez president of the Community of communes of the Lézignanaise Corbières and Minervois region, Sylvie Vilas regional advisor, all alongside Nan Ping Gao as a seasoned mistress of ceremonies as the festivities have started.


At La Bastide, passion is the key word, it can be heard, it is visible, it is tasted.

At the time of the speeches, Nan Ping Gao highlighted the humanism and the excellent work of the very cosmopolitan team of the Bastide. But also the art and the manner of wringing the neck to adversity, ignoring jealousies and traps set. Humanist speeches in reference to the personality of Nan Ping, from Valérie Dumontet and André Hernandez and the values ​​of sharing that both defend.

Passion and tradition

Speech by Alban Pedrola with reference to Heritage and culture in the fields, in these past years which have marked the highlighting of vineyards and art in free traveling shows in an open-mindedness which has rightly marked the minds, the souls and hearts. Passion and tradition prevail in the heart of this Corbières vineyard at the gates of the Minervois.

From cellars to cellars

And the passion did not fail throughout this day, ditto for another passion that of «  little Queen « in a sporting event perfectly orchestrated by the Vélo club lézignanais concerning the hike from cellar to cellar (to be discovered in a future edition). Two highlights in a spirit of openness to be discovered » the Bastide « and its wine treasures, but also in sharing other know-how in other areas.

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