Arsenal: Willian coveted in MLS

First considered as a good move made by Arsenal last summer, Willian was a real flop this year under its new colors. After just one season, the Brazilian winger could almost certainly leave the Premier League in order to fly over the Atlantic by joining the MLS. TheInter Miami, who belongs to David Beckham and where evolves in particular Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Matuidi, is interested in his profile.

Mikel arteta and Arsenal management would be open to a departure from Willian, the club will necessarily receive a transfer fee since the player is linked to the club until 2023. In order to welcome the star, the club will probably have to free himself from one of his big contracts, Rodolfo Pizarro will then leave Inter Miami if the transfer were to materialize. The MLS , a land of welcome for the players of Premier League at the end of the cycle, for example Victor wanyama (ex-Tottenham) but also Thierry Henry (ex-Arsenal) or Wayne rooney (ex-Man Utd and Everton).

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