Arsenal ‘can fight for the title’ says Arsene Wenger


An iconic Arsenal figure, Arsene Wenger hailed the Gunners’ impressive start to the league going so far as to see them as a possible title favourite.

Usually discreet about Arsenal since his departure in 2018, Arsène Wenger, legendary coach of the Gunners (1996-2018), spoke during an evening devoted to the book of David Dein, the former vice-president of Arsenal. The French took the opportunity to give his opinion on the start of the season canon of the London club, leader of the Premier League.

« Since the start of the season, there has not really been a team that completely dominates. Arsenal have their chances, the potential is there, explained Wenger. Hopefully they can do it, at least be in the top 4 and why not… I think we can’t rule out the fact that they can fight for the title. »

The 72-year-old former manager assures that it cannot be ruled out that Arsenal have their chance for the title this season. Indeed, after six days, the Gunners are leaders of the championship with five victories and only one defeat ten days ago on the ground of Manchester United.

« I didn’t want my presence to be bad for the club »

Since his departure in 2018, Arsène Wenger has never returned to the club. « Sometimes you need to change everything to have a fresh start, he admitted. My presence could have been a problem. I stayed completely behind to give the club a chance to build a new connection with a new coach. That’s why I never talk about Arsenal, and why I’ve never been back there. I didn’t want my presence to be bad for the club. »

In 22 years at the head of Arsenal, Arsène Wenger marked the London club with titles, records and a spirit of play that Mikel Arteta, the new coach, seeks to restore. Under him, the Gunners qualified for the Champions League for 19 seasons in a row. For the moment, none of his successors has managed to bring Arsenal back to C1.


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