Arsenal: Ben White, Gallas does not understand

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During the last summer transfer window, Arsenal broke the piggy bank and spent € 58m to afford promising Brighton central defender Ben White (23, 3 Premier League games this season). An incomprehensible investment in the eyes of the former Gunner William Gallas, who uses in particular the comparison with a certain Raphaël Varane, attracted by Manchester United for a lower price.

« I find it hard to understand why Arsenal have spent £ 50million on a player who has yet to prove himself at the highest level and that at the same time Manchester United can spend around £ 40million on Varane. You have to explain to me how it is possible. Maybe it is partly because Ben White is English. Varane is a player of a different class than White « , estimated the French for the newspaper Daily Mirror.

« White is still young. (…) I don’t know him. I respect him and hope he will be a great player, but he hasn’t proven anything yet. You can’t compare Ben White and Varane, I I’m sorry. It is not possible. And it is not because he is a French compatriot that I speak like that. Varane is from Real Madrid. He is not from Brighton, with all the respect I owe them, ”finished Gallas.

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