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Almost two years after taking over from Unai Emery, Mikel Arteta has still not found the right formula with Arsenal. Worse yet, the Spanish coach gives the impression of being completely overwhelmed by the events at the Gunners.

Arsenal: Arteta, the bad

Arteta is in trouble at Arsenal.

Once a very strong place in English football, Arsenal has become a second-class club in the Premier League. Rputs for their good game under the orders of Arsne Wenger (1996-2018), the Gunners no longer have a captain on board. And it is obviously not Mikel Arteta who has the miracle recipe to lead the boat safely.

A poor record

Despite two titles since his arrival (FA Cup and Community Shield in 2020), almost two years ago, the Spanish coach seems overwhelmed by the events. The promises of the beautiful game quickly flew away to give way to an indescribable mush next to the Emirates Stadium. The two offensive stars, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, have completely plunged in recent months, suffering the dubious choices of their coach, who is notably accused of the management of certain players who have now left (zil, Saliba) while others, like Hector Bellerin, absolutely want to set sail.

Without any real guideline, the one who is announced as the natural disciple of Pep Guardiola does not do better than his predecessor at the post, Unai Emery. The recent winner of the Europa League had managed to take the Gunners to the final of the competition in 2019. Arteta, he broke his teeth in the round of 16 against Olympiakos, in 2020, then against the yellow submarine d ‘Emery, in semis, in 2021. In the Premier League, in 2020-2021, for his first full season, he offered the worst record since the 1994-1995 season with only 61 points and an 8th place on the clock.

The raging Rwandan president

For this new exercise, Arsenal has also launched its campaign in the league very badly, falling on the lawn of the promoted, Brentford (2-0), Friday, after a mediocre performance. A match that knocked the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame off his hinges. We’ve been fighting for decades, with highs and lows, no lows yet. Can’t we have a plan that really works? , asked the head of state, whose country is one of the main touristic partners of the English training.

We are NOT to excuse or accept mediocre. A team must be built to win, to win, to win. So that when we lose … It is not an expected result! I’m sure we all know on whose shoulders rest the heaviest burden. I hope they know it too, or even accept it !!! , continued the Rwandan leader, beside himself after the initial setback of his favorite team. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, nothing is expected to change in the weeks to come. It’s up to Arteta to find the solution … or not.

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