Aroldis Chapman pushes one to 103.4 MPH

The weeks go by, but they are not alike for Aroldis Chapman. If he generated several fears with two disastrous outings last week, he has recovered well in his last three games. He is not yet back to his near-perfect level from the start of the season, but there are encouraging signs.

Velocity is back

When Chapman gave Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz two long homers on June 10, there were question marks about his velocity. In this encounter, he could not reach better than 97.8 MPH with his fastball.

While it’s very respectable for most pitchers, it’s not up to Chappy’s standards. His fast in the triple digits has always been his main weapon which gave him an advantage over all the others. closers.

In the three rescues he got this week, he still looked fragile. He gave up a few hits, but found a way to preserve the wins. And above all, he erased doubts about his speed.

Yesterday afternoon against the A’s, in a duel Chapman against Chapman, he passed Matt Chapman in the mitt with a shot at 103.4 MPH. It is the fastest throw recorded in the Majors since 2019.

Another encouraging sign for the great left-hander of the Yankees: it is the long pause with the gaze of the warrior he made after this dedication. He does this when he is in full possession of his means. This is a good indicator that he is regaining confidence.

If the Yankees offense suffered early in the season, the same can not be said of the bullpen which was solid. When a problem is being resolved, we do not want to see another created. This performance by Arnoldis Chapman brings a sigh of relief to the Bronx.

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