Arnaud Mahé new president of Velo sport in Ploumagoar – Ploumagoar

Following the general assembly on Saturday 23 October, during which the president of Vélo sport de Ploumagoar, Claude Le Flochmoën, announced his resignation for personal reasons, the board of directors met on Wednesday 27 October and no could not elect a new president. An appeal was therefore launched with the licensees and another meeting took place on Thursday, November 4, which resulted in the election of a new office and a new president, Arnaud Mahé.

« I remain on the board of directors for the transition and I feel a great relief for the club which will continue to function and for the licensees », says Claude Le Flockmoën.

The board is made up of: Arnaud Mahé president, Kevin Botrel vice-president, Cyril Guiguen treasurer, Rachel Le Pape new secretary, Jean-Mathieu Lemoine assistant secretary and Thierry Thouement correspondent. The members of the board of directors are: Claude Le Flockmöen, Christophe Bannier, Régis Bertrand, Pascal Malargé.

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