Are you a vending machine or gas station?

IUntil a few years ago, watchmakers made it a point of honor to clone their boutiques with Swiss precision in order to offer an equivalent experience to customers, whether they were in Philadelphia, Phuket or Paris. The sale of timepieces, an oh so ritualized exercise, took place in luxurious but consensual decor, dedicated to originality what elevator music is to music. That time is over. The recent opening of pop-up stores Tudor on the Champs-Élysées and TAG Heuer x Porsche at Le Bon Marché confirm this

The first deploys over 237 square meters a space of constantly evolving experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Tudor, its heritage, its current collection, its ambassadors and partnerships (David Beckham, the All Blacks, not to mention the Navy at the service of which it puts its recognized know-how in technical diving). The highlight of the show, a new type of vending machine, allows you to collect a model exclusively sold there: the Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze. TAG Heuer and Porsche are revisiting the codes of the service station, in an electric version, with a Formula E simulator to try out driving on the circuit, a play area for children and a cafeteria to eat signed Stephanie Le Quellec. A secret room, placed in the middle of the stand, allows you to discover a preview of the future Carrera x Porsche chronograph.


“The arrival of e-commerce has questioned the role of the point of sale. Indeed, what good is a store, if I can buy everything online? deciphers Delphine Beer-Gabel”, founder of Retailtainment Company, which saw these limited-time stalls appear in shopping centers at the dawn of the 2010s, before seeing them spread in high-end versions, from 2015. luxury goods being particularly concerned about their image, their points of sale remain essential relays for interacting with customers, bringing their world to life and energizing their brand message. The need to create events in shops has made the pop-up store a natural field of expression. »

This format is the consecration of “retailtainment”, but make no mistake, its raison d’être differs from that of an institutional store. The objective is to create a buzz, to animate the community, to reach out to new targets and to teach around the values ​​of the brand. Their success is measured in terms of notoriety, attendance, engagement on social networks, but not in turnover. « I also recommend that my clients allocate the budget of these shops to marketing or communication », supports Delphine Beer-Gabel.

Indeed, on the TAG Heuer x Porsche stand, while a few showcases highlight models from the catalogue, these remain in the minority compared to the many derivative products, much more accessible, created for the occasion. The open-plan and playful architecture embodies the objective of the event: to surprise loyal customers, to give them a reason to (re) come to the store by being more eccentric and less statutory. On both sides, successful bet.

TUDOR, 65-67, avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris.
Drive Me Crazy TAG Heuer x Porsche, 24, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris.

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