are there too many races in F1?


In recent years, the F1 calendar has continued to lengthen to reach a record in 2022 with no less than 23 races on the program. A significant number of races with a season that starts in March and ends in November with a summer break of at least two weeks, which leads us to now regularly see Grands Prix on two or even three weekends in a row.

While some are delighted to be able to see Formula 1 races almost every Sunday, others, such as team staff or people working in the paddock (suppliers, temporary workers, journalists, etc.), no longer hesitate to complain about the pace that has become exhausting with the series of journeys between each circuit of the calendar.

Last year, the former non-executive director of the Alpine team, Alain Prost, gave his opinion on the rhythm of the championship which is more and more sustained and which, according to him, is motivated by a rather simple reason:  » I think the reason for having more races is obviously to get more money. » said the four-time F1 world champion.

 » We have to understand that some people in the best teams have been there for a long time. They want to spend more time with their families. With travel all the time, it’s very difficult. I’m not really in favor of so many races. We must be careful not to have too much. »

This season, the F1 teams will therefore once again circumnavigate the globe in just nine months, starting from Barcelona (for winter testing) and passing through Australia, Qatar, Singapore and Budapest. And you what do you think ? You can vote below and even argue your choice in the comments section just below the poll module.

  • Are there too many races on the F1 calendar?