Are the Nets seriously handicapped for this season?

A few days before the resumption for the NBA, the vaccine is talking about him a lot. The Warriors will play at home without Andrew Wiggins, until he agrees to be vaccinated. Similar scenario with the Nets, where Kyrie Irving would have made his choice.

Training camp will begin in a few days for NBA teams, and one question remains: how many players are not vaccinated for the regular season? This is relatively important, since some will not be able to play at home. We’re talking about those playing for the Warriors, the Nets and the Knicks.

The cities of San Francisco and New York have chosen to impose the vaccine on employees of various companies. NBA franchises are affected, and the Dubs already find themselves diminished because of it. Andrew Wiggins refuses to go there, and will therefore miss half of the season if he decides to persist. Bad news for Golden State.

But Californians aren’t the only ones. If all Knicks players are vaccinated, the Nets can’t say the same. We don’t know how many are not, but we can already say that Kyrie Irving is in this list. The leader has liked several times on social networks theories attacking this remedy, which suggests that he will also miss meetings.

A scenario that seems to be more and more confirmed according to the site Rolling Stone, which spoke at length about the problem of the vaccine within the NBA. Some players are « proud » to oppose it, and Irving would be on that list. The leader could therefore continue as well, history also to protest against the operation set up by the league.

When we asked about Irving’s immunization status, and if he had planned to change it, his relatives declined to respond. But a family member seems confident that some will voluntarily miss these games, as a sign of protest for the NBA to change its method.

If Irving doesn’t agree, then it’s entirely possible to see him missing games on purpose to get a message across. He could pass in front of the media in the coming days, in order to show his dissatisfaction and while waiting for a new solution.

Against the vaccine, will Kyrie Irving give in? Far from being done according to some relatives. The star could even send a message to the NBA, which has no plans to change its plans despite the refusal of several players. We will know more in the coming days.

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