Are the Knicks ready to steal a Heat player?

Rumors are already starting about the free agency, and the Knicks will undoubtedly be active after a good season. Bad news for the Heat, since the franchise would like to steal a player from them. We take stock.

While the big teams continue their journey in the playoffs, the first disappointed are already starting to prepare for the future. In this second category, we find the Knicks, who failed to get the best of the Hawks in the first round of the postseason. A huge disappointment, but also promises.

Whatever may be said, the New York season is successful. We would never have thought to see the men of Tom Thibodeau reach the playoffs on this campaign, and even less with home advantage. Julius Randle and his teammates have done some miracles, and it’s not over yet.

With a lot of money to spend, as well as multiple draft rounds for years to come, the Knicks have everything they need to calmly prepare for the future, as long as they make the right choices. It starts by recruiting well, and the front office would like to draw precisely on the side of the Heat.

Kendrick Nunn is one of the leaders on the Knicks’ radar

Kendrick Nunn is 14.6 points and 3.2 rebounds on average for his second season with the Heat. Stats down, but with better efficiency (48.5% shooting, and 38.1% at three points). Very good figures, which will allow the guard to take a step forward in the market.

With just under $ 2 million on his contract, Nunn will be a restricted free agent this summer, barring any surprises. Miami can match the offers, but we can expect a contract around 10/15 million a year. Even if the Heat held it, a trade would never be very far. The Knicks are looking for an improvement, and Nunn could do some good alongside RJ Barrett.

The Knicks want a big improvement in the point guard, but maybe something other than Kendrick Nunn’s would be more helpful. Whatever happens, movement is expected in New York.

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