Are the Knicks for sale?

For years, we have been ready to James Dolan desires to sell the Knicks. And for years, denials of these intentions have been published. The latest, addressed to the New York Post, comes from the communications and marketing department of Madison Square Garden Sports: “ We have no intention of selling either team “, in reference to the Knicks therefore, as well as to the Rangers (NHL).

It was for the group that owns the two franchises, led by James Dolan, to respond to recent remarks of the analyst, Jonathan Boyar. He assumed that a sale could occur next year, once the « MSG Sphere » project in Las Vegas is completed.

Started in 2018, the construction site of this latest fad must indeed be completed in 2023. With 157 meters wide and 102 meters high, this concert and performance hall, which will be added to the long list of pharaonic constructions in the Nevada desert, is supposed to become the largest spherical structure on the planet. Cost of the operation: 1.8 billion dollars. For comparison, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai cost $1.5 billion.

This project is carried by Madison Square Garden Entertainment, a company created in 2020 when MSG Sports separated from its non-sporting assets to become an independent company. The same entity has plans to build a similar structure in London.

For the record, James Dolan started taking over the Knicks in the 1990s. The value of the franchise is valued at $5.8 billion.

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