ARAB CUP (U17): Wadi Jary has smeared Arab and African football

Exclusively, BOTOLA announced in an article entitled “Who protects Wadi Jary? that the management of the « Four Points » hotel in Oran where the VIPs of the U17 Arab Cup were staying, had sent correspondence to Hakim Medane, member of the Federal Bureau and responsible for the tournament. In this letter, she reported to him a verbal attack by the president of the Tunisian Football Federation (FTF) Wadi Jary and member of the CAF Executive Committee (on the left of our photo with ex-president Ahmed Ahmed), against a hotel employee. In this letter, the management of the hotel specified that the President of the FTF did not want to take his lunch at the buffet in accordance with the convention and chose an à la carte menu. But when the cashier followed him to the elevators to get him to sign the bill, Wadi Jary « categorically refused while using derogatory language, affecting the cashier’s personality and dignity. »

An incident that raises several questions, starting with the obligation contained in article 17 of the FIFA code of ethics relating to the duty to report. It stipulates that: « Persons to whom this code applies who are informed of a violation of the provisions of this code must report it in writing directly to the secretariat and/or to the president of the the Ethics Commission. However, neither Hakim Medane, member of the Federal Bureau and first addressee of the letter, nor the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) and even less the Arab Football Union responded to this letter and alerted as obliges them to do so by the code of ethics of FIFA, the competent bodies.

Better still, during the last meeting of the Federal Bureau held Thursday in Oran, no one and even less Hakim Medane said a word about the aggression of which the hotel employee was the victim, nor the letter sent by the management of the establishment. A blackout punishable by suspension, as recalled by paragraph 2 of article 17 of FIFA: « Any breach of the duty to report is punished by a fine of at least 10,000 Swiss francs, as well as a ban on engaging in any football-related activity for a maximum of two years. Are the appointments, trips and the small nest egg in dollars paid by the Arab Football Union (UAFA) worth leaving the honor of an employee, an Algerian in the exercise of her functions? , trampled by the behavior of a multiple-recidivist thug? he smeared Arab and African football.


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